Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Inspiration Volume 2

Inspiration Volume 1
I'm totally loving everything about how this wedding looks!
I got these photos from Heather and Andrae's wedding in Charlotte, NC from The Knot.
I really like the colors used in this wedding, especially how vibrant accent colors were used to make everything 'pop' and come together!
The BMs dresses are a very dark brown, but I imagine them as black and I love it!
I even really dig the red as an accent, although we'll likely use orange or fuschia for our 'pop' color.

I ove the color scheme, especially the monochromatic red Gerbera Daisy bouquets that add color. Then you have the turquoise element seen in the Groom's attire, decor and FG's dresses. (And, at least one of the BMs...maybe MOH... has on turquoise strappy sandals! How cool!)

Pretty bouquet.

I love her birdcage veil!

I love the lanterns...and the urban, lofty space for the ceremony. It reminds me of my venue.

I love the simplicity of the flowers!

I love the white and black paisley gift wrap!

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