Thursday, March 27, 2008

The DJ...Or....Party Music!!

One way fiance and I have been able to cut wedding costs is by hiring a club DJ instead of a 'wedding' DJ to spin at the reception. This is right up our alley because we love a mix of music and we really appreciate 'turntablism' I think it's called, and DJs who are great at mixing and really getting the party started. A nice flow of music is important to me and I'd really love a 'club' feel for the dance floor the last few hours of the reception.

Of course, I was set on hiring one of the hot club (and mix tape) DJs right now and one of my faves who happens to live in Cleveland and be the official DJ for the Cleveland Cavs, Mick Boogie.
BUT, he couldn't commit because he is likely moving to New York City this summer.
(If you're a hip-hop fan check out his website to see how hot he is! And, there are some very worthy downloads there, namely a mix tape called "Brooklyn Soul" which is a fusion of Marvin Gaye and...Jay Z. Ridiculous.
DJ Mick Boogie
But, over the holidays while fiance and I were in Cleveland we heard another DJ, Majette (who spins with Mick Boogie) play a party at the House of Blues--and he was oh-so-fabulous. We loved the way he intertwined classic soul with classic 90s hip-hop, new soul, was perfect! So we booked him. And at an unbeatable price.

The savings also allowed us to add some other nice touches for our guests, which I'll talk about later.

What's important to you in a DJ and how did you go about finding yours?

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Trips said...

Hi, I know this blog post is old, but would you be able to give me any more details on the DJ you booked... I'm looking for the same type of DJ to do my downtown wedding next year. Did he bring all his own equipment. And would you mind giving me an estimate of cost? Thanks! Also, thanks for all the tips I've found in your blog. Its hard to find info about this kind of stuff for Cleveland!