Friday, March 21, 2008

Four (4) (IV) Friday Finds

Since I'm not doing anything wedding-related today (I started assembling my pocketfold invitations last night...and let's just say I'm glad I started early)
<---sneaky peaky
me with tape roller that kinda sucks...

I thought I'd share a few cool things I've recently come across.

1. Custom Family Signage
What a thoughtful Wedding/Housewarming Gift this personalized sign would be!  $28 from Etsy store, Nestlings 

2. Envelope Back!

In case you missed the original discussion of envelope back...
An alternative to the decorative stamp we are using on our invitations are these very fab stickers that give you a three-punch value: decoration, color AND information (your return adress). Hey, that's one up on our stamp...well, depending on what kind of ink we use...From Etsy store Zoopri.

3. Couture Stationery!
From Studio Ayt. I have had this photo saved to my desktop for some time now. So I thought I'd share the porn. I mean look at it!!!! These are somewhere around $15 a piece! But I'm sure you creative ladies could if necessary, create an "inspired by" version for cheaper!

4. Hot Necklace
I'm not wearing a necklace for the wedding, but if I was, I would love something like this with a simple gown. Absolutely stunning.
Just $75 from DesigningBride--a website I don't hear cited that much--so check it out of you haven't.

And yeah...that's all. Have a great weekend!

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Anonymous said...

I love this, its so classy. I checked out this site....they have great stuff!