Friday, March 7, 2008


During the day, I work for a for an environmental policy organization. So when I hear about Vegan shoes it instantly conjures up an image of me chatting with my boss about his latest pair of vegan sneakers or sandals which usually look something like this:

So, imagine how thrilled I was to see actress Natalie Portman's new line of vegan shoes called 'Te Casan' which are now available for purchase online. Apparently Portman, a long-time vegetarian, has made it a rule to purchase fashion that does not come from animals.
Now, I'm far from a vegan, so to be clear I'm excited about these shoes because they are nothing short of fabulous and a great option for the vegan/veggie divas!
And of course, to make this all wedding-relevant, some of them would be great wedding shoes! Vegan or not!
Like these:

See, I have no problem finding hot red shoes...if only they were fuschia...
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You should check out these shoes: