Monday, March 31, 2008

The Power of Candlelight

I won't blog in full about the beautiful, vintage wedding of Knottie 99 Vintage Glam, as it has splashed through the blog world!
But I WILL say that her budget wedding (under $15,000) according to Snippet&Ink, has further convinced me of something I've already known...candles go a LONG way and, in my opinion, give more bang for your buck than flowers ever can. Unless, that is, you are using someone crazy like Preston Bailey or working with an outrageous budget.
But for any bride really seeking an intimate and dually dramatic look, candles are the way to go.
This is great news especially for budget brides!

Tonight I am basking in the candlelight of some of the pillar candles I have purchased for our wedding...and certainly planning on buying many more:)
my hodge podge of after-work candles!
convincing me more and more
to cut my floral bill!!


Sarah Amelia said...

Hey girl! I'm getting married in Cleveland also (8.2.08) and I'm using pillar candles as my centerpieces. We just purchased 150 6", 8" and 10" glass vases and will soon be ordering the candles. I don't know if you would be interested or even need some (or all!) of them, but let me know! I love your posts and am always inspired by another crafty lady's creativity!

MThornton said...

Hi Sarah! YES. I will absolutely purchase them from you (all or most). I couldn't access your blog or find any contact for you, so please e-mail me at Thanks!!