Monday, March 10, 2008

Shoe Saga: Part III

Part I: What A Girl Wants
Part II: What A Girl Needs
OK. So everyone keeps suggesting that I take a chill pill and wait until spring to look for my shoes! But I don't wanna wait!
I am so anxious to just get everything nailed down.
I know someone out there must be able to relate...
So, again, I have been scouring the internet for the perfect pair of shoes!
(And, thank you to all of ladies who have given me countless suggestions. Unfortunately they are either a) just not thee shoe or b)definitely thee shoe but out of the budget.)
Fiance won't let me spend more than $200 on my shoes.

Against my better judgement, this weekend I ordered a cute pair of shoes in a color really, really close to what I need.
The purchase was against my judgement not because they were too expensive, but because they were really cheap...
Just 15 bucks! And you know you normally get what you pay for. They are not even real leather...BUT they are cute. (And I can send them back for my 15-buck refund if they are super cheap-o)
I know I will probably hate the shoes once they arrive and/or they will hurt like hell. (I actually think I had a cheap pair of shoes from this 'brand' a long time ago that I never wore because they hurt so bad.)
But just what if I surprisingly dig them and have wedding shoes for 15 bucks!
Comments, yay and nay, are encouraged.


Linda said...

Those are adorable. I hope they work out!

JoJosho said...

See Here

Erikka said...

i hope the work too...super cute!!