Saturday, March 22, 2008

Another Pink Pump

If you don't follow, please see the shoe sagas:
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The Tyrie Fuschia Satin shoes from Moda in Pelle--apparently a UK brand not readily ship-able to the United States, at least not through Amazon.    The brand's web site will ship to the U.S.--but for a shipping fee of 59 pounds!!!  Which of course is probably about $100 given the weak dollar.  (They only charge 4.95 pounds for shipping in UK mainland).... *sigh*
The shoe is 70 pounds...which again, is about double that when converted to dollars.  Not bad, until you add on the shipping!

Looks like the shoe saga will be continuing...

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Sarah said...

I have always loved Nordy's and I have a feeling when you see this link you will too!

Pink Pop: