Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Shoe Saga Part IV: The $15 Shoe

The shoes came today.
You know, the ones that I thought would be so cheap (because they cost $15) but were the perfect color?
Well, I must say I am pleasantly surprised.  These shoes are incredibly comfy and honestly, are well made.  The only thing I am not feeling is the patent leather, glossy look.
Now, to be clear, I like the shoes and I will definitely be wearing them this summer!
I'm just not sure if I'm feeling them to go with my wedding gown--but as fiance is quick to point out, it is just one day I'd be wearing them...I had fiance take some photos of me in the shoes...
I cannot believe I am about to post many photos of my ugly, rough, nail polish-less, un-manicured winter feet (dogs)...but here goes!

Fiance says he likes them--but of course, I don't know if that is genuine or if he's saying that because he KNOWS my alternative pair cost a couple hundred dollars (which he would be helping pay)!

So ladies pleasssse tell me what you think of these shoes and help me decide.
Will these shoes work or do I go for the much-much-much more pricey J.Crews (thanks Sarah!!:

Or Weitzmans:

I don't mind purchasing a pair at a higher price-point if it's WORTH it.


Linda said...

I like those. They seem to fit most of your criteria. You should try them with the dress. Perhaps that will help you decide.

Sarah said...

I'll be honest, I was afraid when you said you were going to order them. They serve their purpose and don't look like they only cost $15. Are you planning on taking pictures of the contrast of them to your dress? If yes I think you should spend a little more. Plus it will be great that everytime you put on a pair of hot pink heels it will take you back to your wedding. If you get the $15 they probably won't hold up as long.

I think you'll find things priced in between. ( A few more while I avoid studying for my latin test)




MThornton said...

Sarah, thanks for your honesty!
Actually, I have pretty much fallen for the J Crews. They really are perfect, and I think will be better in the photos (as you point out). Fiance has agreed to let me get them...
I think if this shoe were a two-piece I would like them more. And you're right about them not holding up. They'll prolly get scuffed on the first wear:)